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You're a person of true grit. Its a combination of passion & perseverance which drive you  to achieve.  You would not exist without stick-to-itiveness-the ability to power through uncertainty, disappointments, chaos, and even disheartening failure to create great works.  Perseverance fuels your passion, even when the journey is beast by challenges. Your great mind toiled for years without success, with your biggest hits emerged after many attempts. You're posses a burning desire for success. It becomes such an obsession that it dominates your thinking. Nothing else matters. That burning desire is intense and urgent. Long time ago, you realized that optimism is the ultimate survival skill and that optimism is contagious. You're an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in-spite of overwhelming obstacles.(incl coping illnesses) For many yrs You have played it fair & square, worked hard, built a beautiful business, created jobs, provided/ing clean, safe, affordable and peaceful housing to over 500 families, paid your taxes, and have done it all by yourself with no help whatsoever.(Of course, always with God's blessing)  Unfortunately, along the way, you had to dumb a greedy wife, couple of loathsome free-loaders/mooch/corrupt/toxic/garbage 'family' members & got rid of a few low-life faked 'friends'

 You're a real self-made relentless entrepreneur , and owes no apology for your own incredible achievements. You're a proud humble member of the Capitalist society.

...."capitalism works well because it is in tune with our nature. Adam Smith called it "The natural order of liberty". Everyone selfishly desires to provide for his needs. To pay for what he/she wants from others-services and goods-he/she has to provide something that others will pay him/her for. Millions do it, and the result is prosperity. Capitalism is an abstract machine most beautiful to behold in the wonder of its workings. When individuals have the incentive to achieve, acquire, and enjoy something for themselves, they'll go to great lengths to afford it. They'll compete with each other to provide what others want, toil to make it the better product, and set the price of it lower. The best is made available at the least cost. Everyone is both a taker and a giver, and everyone benefits. True, not everyone's effort always succeeds, but nothing stops anyone from trying again.(carefully read here 'Nothing stops anyone from trying again...')

Of course capitalism isn't a remedy for every ill and discontent. But a capitalist society offers the best chance to an individual to make the best of his/her condition-being alive-which presents him/her with a tough challenge-to stay alive for a few score years, and make those years as good as his/her energy, cunning, and adaptability to conditions outside of his/her control (plus his/her statistically likely share of luck), can help them to be.

In a capitalist society no one has a fixed place, whether below, in the middle, or on top. A person can rise, sink, or stay. A true Capitalist society is necessarily a free society in which no one is prevented, by some ruler or ruling clique, from bettering his/her lot, striving, succeeding, or failing." 











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